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with the healthcare law is just bull, and who is about to get gored. >> neil: why do they do that? i digress. welcome. they fought the law and now they want to enforce the law? but there is a little bit of a method to the republican's madness. they claim the white house is ignoring the law by trying to delay the map debt that is central to the law, and since it the law, it is against the law to do something like that without congress' approval. ain't that a kick, and ain't this an even bigger kick. dick durbin now calling on republicans to help change and improve the law. the same republicans who they say were all but shut out of the process when the democrats were passing this law. to dr. mark siegel. what do you make of what's going on? >> i want to first make sure that americans are informed. really informed here about what this is all about. the law, as you said, and i've said, is completely unaffordable. it's too expensive. it's too expensive for employers. that's why they're holding off on he mandate. employers can't afford to provide this kind of comprehensive insurance to employees. it's unaf
-martial. it's the highest hilt trial in military law because he faces the death penalty. the jury is called a panel and they will be selected the from a pool of commissioned military officers from army posts around the country. panel selection expected to last one month. opening arguments expected to begin at fort hood august 6. gregg: there is a legal maxim, justice delayed is justice denied. what has taken so long? four years. >> reporter: saidback after setback since the november twine shooting like hassan refusing to shave his beard. he said he was growing it out for religious reasons but it violates military code. then the 39-year-old army psychiatrist said he wanted to represent himself and he needed more time to prepare. if he wanted to plead guilty but military law prohibits that because this is a capital case. 13 people died here and more than 30 were hurt. you can imagine it was a long and frustrating several years for everyone. one sergeant who was shot five times that day described the wait to you are our own megyn kelly. >> not on the victims and $survivors but also our family.
on the president's decision to delay part of the healthcare law. was it even legal for him to do that? martha: some new developments in a deadly train derailment that destroyed part of a town. listen to this. investigators opened a criminal investigation into that disaster. what happened there? plus ... >> to the right, to the left. gregg: that is awful line dancing. the cupid shuffle. the days are over at the irs. what lawmaker want to do sure there are no more videos like this one out of the tax agency. every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. it's four times the detail of hd. colors become richer. details become clearer. which for a filmmaker, changes everything. because now there are no more barriers between the world th
the law. >> reporter: zimmerman could be convicted of second-degree murder if the juryize he fired that fatal shot out of spite or anger but the jury is also being allowed to consider the lesser charge of manslaughter if the panel decides zimmerman acted outside the scope of law. if the jury agrees with the defense that he fired in defense zimmerman could walk away from all of this a free man. back to you. >> thanks so much for that update. let's recap. after hearing from more than 50 witnesses during the three week trial what will the jury be look at. >> we have our legal team here, defense attorney and fox news legal analyst. both have been closely watching this trial. here's a question that i don't know the answer to. how is it the government can charge zimmerman with one thing, fail to prove that he is guilty of that thing and then tell the jury he can convict him of something else. how does that work? >> number one, nobody said he failed to prove it at this point. >> if they are confident they wouldn't give the jury the option. >> that's not necessarily true. this happens all
than the beard, he decided to represent himself and he wanted to blowed guilty and military law prohibits that because it is a capital case. and then he wanted to say he was saving taliban leaders by carrying out the shooting and the court would not allow that. 13 people died here in 2009 and 30 injured. on this program, a sergeant shot five times that day described what the wait was like. >> not only the victims and survivors, but our families. now we'll get a chance to close the chapture and once again a setback in our way. >> if everything goes as planned and opening statements scheduled to begin on august 6th. it is an interesting process. >> indeed it will. thank you. the gunman's own paralysis when he was shot as he was shooting others. hassan's doctor said he can't sit more than 12 hours upright. he must have 15- 20 minute breaks for stretching every four hours and he must lift himself off of the whole chair every half an hour. it is going to be something to watch all of this play out, only adding insult to the victims and their families, hassan has collected a paycheck.
setback for president obama's health care law. today we are finding out penalties required for tobacco use may be limited because of a computer glitch. it's just the latest fiasco causing confusion as we get closer to the law's official start date, and with each new problem the president appears to be picking and choosing which parts of the health care law he plans to enforce like last week's decision to suspend the employer mandate until 2015. let's talk about it with a.b. stoddard, an associate editor and columnist for "the hill." to this so-called tobacco glitch, first of all, a.m. b., young smokers and old smokers who are to be insured under this health care law are to pay a penalty but for the be older -- but for the older smokers, that penalty is very prohibitive and, what, the computers couldn't handle it? >> yeah. the way that it's been reported, this is truly staggering, the glitch has been rejected by the computer, and the system cannot bear the new rule. so what we're being told is it's going to turn out one of two ways. either that older smokers could get a break, or that they
to craft a path forward on immigration laws, and speaker john boehner says there's lots of crafting to be done. tracie potts joins us live now with washington with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's because boehner says he doesn't want to deal with the senate bill that passed at all. the house republicans starting from scratch when they meet behind closed doors. the big question they're facing is this, are they going to deal with border security happening first and being guaranteed first before they deal at all with the millions of people who are now living in this country without proper paperwork, undocumented workers, that is the big question facing his caucus. now the senate passed the bill with republican support but it provides a path to citizenship for those immigrants and the house says they're not going to be dealing with that. also today, the so-called dreamers, children who were brought into this country illegally, they will be rallying here on capitol hill. they'll be knocking on doors to try to get support. former george w. bush today speaks at a
, first to the white house. breaking news on the health care law as we get a major announcement from the health and human services secretary. plus, we have that tropical storm, chantal, as it barrels towards haiti, threatening to bring rain and flooding and possibly landslides. and we're also watching the latest developments unfolding in a florida courtroom where george zimmerman is on trial for murdering unarmed teenager trayvon martin. today a major blow to the defense. >>> but first, right now brand new stories and breaking news. jon: one of the nation's most-wanted fugitives on trial in boston, whitey bulger accused in 19 killings. we have the latest on what's going on in that case including why the accused mobster exploded in the courtroom. >>> and in that same courthouse the victims of the boston marathon bombings coming face to face today with the accused attacker. one woman whose two sons lost limbs in the bombing plans to be there. we will talk to her this hour. >>> and crews out west battling a wildfire that's burning dangerously close to a lot of homes. it's all "happening
a shotgun in d.c.'s freedom plaza. it's husband way of protesting d.c.'s gun laws. he told news 4 the video was real. >> shomari stone is in virginia with new reaction from the producer of that video. >> reporter: good evening. that producer is also adam's roommate and say the they served a search warrant at their home. you can see police are helping out with this investigation. it's worth mentioning that that roommate claims that adam could possibly be under arrest. however, we got an e-mail or information from the u.s. attorneys office basically stating that they are not confirming that police are serving an arrest warrant. however, police continue to search the house. now it's also worth mentioning that tonight the roommate said they have been serving the search warrant over past few hours. they are looking for the gun show r shown in the youtube video. they plan on arresting him for bringing that gun into d.c. that's not been confirmed with the park police or u.s. attorney's office. news 4 exclusively interviewed adam about the video. he posted it showing himself loading a shotgun on pe
that approved the placements under governor gilmore was saying no because they assume we violated that law that people like us could not adopt. and so we ended up suing virginia. >> reporter: virginia is one of 31 states with a constitutional amendment that bans the legal recognition of same-sex unions. voters approved virginia's law in 2006. but recent polls show a majority of virginians are okay with same-sex marriage. >> holes are show -- polls are showing that people can be intimidated into not wanting to be bigots by the like of the supreme court. >> reporter: bob marshal was the sponsor of the gay marriage ban legislation. >> marriage cannot change. it was set at creation. >> reporter: state senator adam ebon is the only openly gay legislator. >> i'll appeal but the quicker we do away with this amendment the better. >> reporter: the aclu is filing similar lawsuits in pennsylvania and north carolina. peggy fox, wusa9. >> the aclu successfully fought extra v.a.'s ban on interracial marriage when the supreme court struck it down back in 1967. >>> a louisiana lawmaker wants to ban the fl
new abortion restrictions, this paving the way for the measure to become law. the vote came after an emotional ten-hour debate. >> i want my constituents, just like you do, current and future, to have the best chance for life. that's what i want. thank you. >> don't you also want them to have -- [cheers] >>gretchen: the final vote is set for later today. the bill will then go to the senate where it is expected to pass. the measure bans abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. >>> for the first time survivors of the boston bombing will come face-to-face with the man charged with the attack. i don't see car -- dzhokhar tsarnaev is charged with murder and using weapons of mass destruction. >> i don't understand it. it doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. i just don't understand how he can live in our country and feel that way. >>gretchen: tsarnaev accused of killing three and wounding hundreds of others. several charges carry life in prison or the death penalty. >>> aaron hernandez admitted he killed odin lloyd? that is one of his accomplices told police. hernandez sent severa
it is time to pay up and they don't have time for the democratic process or the rowel of law. they raised a ton of money for the democrats and they want special interest that is owed to them. >> strong words. joined by host of power play. stewart varny anchor of varny and company. two fantastic people to explain what this means. we'll go to chris first, in terms of what the nuclear option means for the president. >> you could hear the minority leader like daring harry reid. you bring it down here, if you do it once, this was discussed when senate democrats were blockading the nominees to federal courts. we can change the senate rowels to confirm a nominee. one majority vote to say that every vote has to be a nominee and you do it and you lose the next round of elections which the democrats may next year, you will find that the minority is less powerful and starts to be irrelevant on the next issues. harry reid has to weigh a choice of the union groups, that very, very important to his one time looked improblemable reelection in 2010 and what liberals want with the national labor relations
immigration reform into law. >> the president was referring to former president george w. bush speaking earlier this week, highlighting the importance of immigration reform. also, president obama is praising janet napolitano for her work as secretary of homeland security. napolitano announced friday she'll be stepping down from the position in about six weeks to take over as president of the university of california system. meanwhile, former florida governor jeb bush and florida senator, marco rubio, will be speaking today at the annual maverick pac three-day conference in miami. the organization's goal is to engage young republicans in the political process. and in orlando, the naacp kicks off its 104th national convention today. it runs through wednesday. >>> let's get you some weather. where the weekend is kicking off right now. and we get some wet starts for some parts of the country. the southeast, residents there are dealing with remnants of tropical storm chantal. this is the scene in north carolina, where heavy downpours there have caused severe flooding. in arizona, you could s
to craft a path forward on the nation's immigrant laws and speaker john boehner says there's a lot of crafting to be done. tracie potts joins us from washington and this is the first day of the discussion. >> reporter: it is just the beginning, richard, but it's going to give us an important clue as to how it may progress. we have a bill that passed the senate with republican support. but on the house side they say they're not even going to deal with that. they want to start from scratch and the big question is, are they going to deal with a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented workers already in this country, so behind closed doors today republicans begin to hash that out. and while they're meeting outside some 500 of the so-called dreamers are going to be rallying. these are children who were brought into this country illegally and say they deserve to stay. so we'll wait to see whether or not that issue is going to be dealt with. also today, former president george w. bush weighs in. he's going to be at his new library down in texas at a naturallization c
in the region. >> the law says if there's a military coup, the u.s. has to cut off aid. there has been a coup. the u.s. doesn't want to cut off aid and the administration is needing to find language to describe what happened that doesn't trigger the law. >> egypt's interim president announced over an hour agent parliamentary elections -- ago the parliamentary elections should be held by february. >>> george zimmerman's friends took the stand today looking to prove that he of the 1 pleading for help during -- that he was the one pleading for help during his confrontation with trayvon martin. last week's trayvon's family took the stand and said it was clearly the voice of the 17- year-old victim. today zimmerman's friends told a whole different story. >> yes, definitely georgie. >> i thought it was george. >> no doubt in my mind that is george zimmerman. >> the defense called martin's father to the stand who said at first he wasn't sure whose voice it was on the recording, but in court today he said after 20 listens he was certain it was his son. >>> governor martin o'malley announced a plan he
are asking right now. maryland's went to so much trouble to pass new gun laws. are they really going to do any good. especially when you consider the violence going on in our city. >>> funeral arrangements have been made for the 7-year-old boy who died last week at the annapolis 4th of july parade. kyle aldridge was pulled by the tire of a trailer being pulled by his grandfather. there will be a ceremony on friday. a fund is being set up for donations towards that service. donations can be mailed or dropped off at the funeral home. >>> dozens of burglaries in canton have police on high alert. the brazen crimes have homeowners taking action into their own hands. sherrie johnson is here with more on what police are doing. >> police are stepping up marked patrols in the area, and they say they're closing in on some suspects who have averaged a burglary per day for the last month. it happed almost on a daily basis and in one case the burglar confronted the woman asleep on her couch and took her cell phone. he later appeared in a picture holding a gun on her facebook page. one man interrupted a
will try to craft the path forward on immigration laws and speaker john boehner says there's a lot of crafting to be done. tracie potts joins us live now with washington with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this meeting today will likely determine what path republicans in the house are going to take to try to deal with immigration reform. they've said they're starting from scratch. they're not dealing with the senate bill at all. the senate passed this bill with quite a bit of republican support, but in the house they're starting all over and that process begins today. and the big question facing them is this -- are they going to insist on dealing with the border being secured first? that's what we've heard from a lot of republicans. or are they going to consider some path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented workers in this country? and we're starting to hear from a lot of them, especially those called the dreamers. they'll be rallying here on capitol hill. these are children who were brought into this country illegally who say they should be allowed
for the obama administration and do they have the authority to ignore the law they worked so hard to pass without any republican support? >>gretchen: that is what is percolating now after they released all of this last week before the holiday. i think now that members of congress are back from break and really thinking about this, they're like wait a minute, you can't pick and choose which parts of the law you want to enact and which parts you want to throw out. keep in mind, republicans have wanted to throw out the whole thing for a long time. governor rick perry who recently announced he's not running for another term as governor of texas was on the greta show last night and here's what he had to say about that. >> i think if there is a real achilles' heel -- and there's many with this piece of legislation -- it's the exchanges. we did not choose to participate in them. and one of the things i think you're seeing this administration understanding now is because of the cost and because of the expertise that the federal government does not have either of, that they're looking for ways to
's not that the president is parsing words. >> there are requirements under the law. right now the united states is in a very tough position. because we don't want to say that you can overthrow democracy with a military coup. our closest ally in that country is the military. it was in the last changeover in government. there's extraordinary concern about stability in the region and israel's security, and, you know, it's easy to criticize -- >> call it a coup and you're farther away. >> easy to criticize the administration but i think right now with no great choices being for stability, trying to see if democracy can emerge is the best option. >> absolutely. willie? >> nbc's foreign correspondent ayman mohyeldin is live in cairo this morning. good to see you. an ugly day there yesterday. >> it was. you know, it's kind of strange these days, waking up in cairo and saying, you know, it's off to a good start when you don't have any casualties to report. that has been the case today. the day you were talking about yesterday was one of the bloodiest egypt has seen in the past two years. as we were tal
blocking enforcement of new abortion laws requiring doctors have hospital admitting privileges if they perform abortions. >>> another setback for young sarah murnaghan. less than a month after receiving a second replacement lungs the 10-year-old girl developed pneumonia. her mother says after a very rough day her daughter is now more stable. last month a judge issued an order allowing sarah to be placed on the adult donor list. >>> finally, here we go, this say man's man, a fish tale, talk about the one who didn't get away. this guy's wife wanted fish for dinner so he jumped in the lake and catches a rainbow trout. we cannot confirmed if he caught the fish or pulled a fast one. lots of folks online are debating whether this is true or if it's just a really good fake. our resident fisherman chris cuomo here to respond. >> i use a pole. >> as do most fishermen or a net or a combo. >> i think it's cool and debate it all you want. looks cool to me. >> still good stuff. hope they had a good dinner. >>> let's do our political gut check coming straight out of washington first up, pres
. what about this? >> we have tlilawyers that watc this program. >> i know. and you're from a law family. i am too, when i think about it. bankers, people have hated banks since the beginning of the country. but fdr was very outspoken about this. >> what is supposed to happen is the bank goes out of business and shareholders lose all their money and you lose your job. are you supposed to go and get a big strapping cell mate as your punishment for risk? taking up risk? >> that's the big. >> he certain levels of risk taking, they go to jail already in the u.s. >> not -- >> not all the time, but -- >> what's criminal and what's not and what intent is and whether you're -- if you're defrauding investors or customers, that's different. if this is just -- >> who decides? you give someone a business loan that doesn't work out it was risky. let's say for solar energy. >> the biggest risk the banks take, which nobody likes to admit, is the loan book. that's the -- mortgages, businesses, loans to businesses -- that's the real risk. all this other stuff, you know, is risky. it is a whole different
a military coup. >> reporter: under u.s. law the government must cut off all for aid if the country is a military coup. the white house said it is reviewing it but for now would not cut of more than a billion dollars in aid it sends every year. >> i think this would not be in the best interest of the united states to immediately change our assistance program to egypt. >> reporter: the white house said it's not taking sides in egypt but want as smooth transition to a democratically elected government. >>> edward snowden is one step close thorpe finding a possible permanent home. three countries are giving him and he has been staying in theua moscow airport for weeks now. >>> we have an update on the 10-year-old girl whose parents fought to get her a lung transplan sarah murnaghan developed as pir operation pneumonia -- aspiration pneumonia. >>> the wife of secretary of state john kerry is in the hospital tonight but her condition is improving. teresa heinz kerry was upgraded from critical to fair condition. she was taken to a nan tuck cets hospital sunday after exhibiting seizure lik
alterman says the u.s. has an interest in keeping aid flowing to one of the strongest allies. >> the law says that if there has been a coup, the u.s. has to cut off aid. there has been a coup. and the u.s. doesn't want to quit giving aid. >> reporter: egypt's interim president called for an end to the violence as he tries to steer the country forward to a new election. >> reporter: danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> the u.s. is reviewing its obligations to egypt under law and will consult with congress before any move is made about our country's aid to egypt. >>> firefighters are back on the scene of a two-alarm fire in elkton, cecil county. more than 60 firefighters from companies in cecil, harford, and chester county, pennsylvania, battle flames for over an hour and a half. damage to the buildings could be in the area of a million dollars. one firefighter was treated and released from the hospital with heat-related injuries. >>> in our region, the government estimates there are 11,000 companies working on cyber security. today, as mike schuh reports, a baltimore comp
for accepting $15,000 for the catering of his daughter in june in 2011678 the state law requires any gift more than $50 but exempts to family members are exempt. >> more trouble for mcdonnell's son sean.ean. the 21-year-old was charged with public into. ation. he will be a senior tep university of virginia and it happened there. he was released and scheduled th be back in court next month. the washington castles look toon set c a new u.s. prosports recod of 34 consecutive wins.tive >> in the w first match against boston kevin anderson dominatedd winning 5-2. martina hingis was a perfect 3-3 in her play. then in the fifth and final match they took the men's doubles. they go on to win 25-12 to set s the record for wins for a moaftion professional sportsssio team in the u.s. congratulations to the castles. >> good job, caflts. come up next. how do they do it? special eivelgts make the moviem as you know. >> the director of the releaseee sits down with kevin mccarthy to reveal some of the secrets. sec >> check this out. you can escape to a world of piewrl imagination with qdam. >> they want to you
calling for his trial. >> we want to judge him first, judge him by law, not in the streets. >> reporter: but that won't be easy. millions of egyptians wanted morsi and the muslim brotherhood out. the military is riding a wave of popularity. but many fear today's clashes will open a new round of violence between the army and the muslim brotherhood, which is not backing down. >> we'll increase the protesters. >> reporter: late tonight, egypt's president announced parliamentary elections and presidential elections would be held in seven months in an attempt to try and cool things down with the hopes that getting egypt an elected government will just do that. brian? >> ayman mohyeldin in cairo, tonight for us. ayman, thanks. >>> a couple more items in this country. a sad scene in prescott, arizona, this weekend. a procession of 19 hearses, all members of the same hot shot wildfire crew, trying to save the town of yarnell. the procession took five hours, traveling a route stretching 125 miles. tomorrow, the memorial service for all 19. >>> teresa heinz kerry, wife of secretary of state john
been evading the law with cosmetic surgeries. he's even used acid to try to burn off his fingerprints. didn't work, however. >>> a new warning about gas prices, they're about to jump even higher because of what is happening overseas. abc's rebecca jarvis is here with those unfortunate details. rebecca? >> reporter: they are unfortunate. good morning, amy. drivers are already feeling it. just overnight, prices at the pump surging. we're now paying an average of $3.50 a gallon. that's up 2 cents from yesterday. the political crisis in egypt is to blame. much of the world's oil passes through the suez canal. and any upheaval could disrupt shipments. analysts say gas stations will be passing even higher prices to drivers over the next two weeks. already some stations are paying as many as 20 cents more per gallon because of higher oil prices. and, amy, if egypt descends into civil war, we can expect to pay well over $4 per gallon. >> all eyes on that region, indeed, for many reasons. rebeak can jarvis, thank you. >>> back here in washington, house republicans will tackle the contentious i
their accused captor by name. the video was shot last week at a law firm in cleveland. more than a million dollars have been donated to help these women. >> now to canada where a criminal investigation has been done on the train derailment. the flames are out now. some of the 2,000 people who evacuated are back in their homes tonight. now 13 people are confirmed dead but forly 40 people are still missing. >> tonight a dangerous storm is bearing down on the eastern caribbean, bringing it with an intense storm surge. mike masco is tracking tropical storm chantal. mike, she's a unique storm. >> she's blowing through the western antilles this evening. what's so rare about her? take a look. typically this time of the year we see storms develop close to our coastline. however, chantal has been that rare exception. the journey is an odd track. due to wind sharp and dry air, it occurs typically after august 1st. not only has chantal taking a rather track but has arrived earlier. there have only been 13 tropical storms. on average one storm has passed through the windward island every 13 years. cha
last night and this pais the way for it to become law. it came after an emotional 10 hour doe baebate. >> i want my constituents current and future to have the best chance for life. >> a final formal vote is set this morning. the bill will go to the senate where it is expected to pass. the measure would ban abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. >> today jury selection will resume for nadal hassan. 6 jurors were dismissed based on their answers and questionnaires. hassan who is serving as his own attorney did not ask the potential jurors any questions. he also did not take any notes or speak with his former defense attorney. they must tell him if he asks hassan is fighting no the to wear his uniform in court. he says it represents an enemy to islam. he faces the death penalty if convicted. >> this is ben bernanke takes center stage at a speech this afternoon. joining us now for the fox business network is lauren simonetti. >> hi ainsley hi heather. all eyes on the fed today. later it releases minutes from the june meeting. ben bernanke gave a speech they want any hint about the s
of the lawyerly ones here but massachusetts law, i would assume, there is plenty of murder cases where there is just someone just driving maybe they didn't pull the trialer and if it's a simple case like a gun murder, if you're an accomplice in a crime they charge you the same level. you don't have to be the one to do it. >> cenk: yes driving the go away car maybe you didn't even know it, they charge you at the same level. if you planted bombs where. 263 people were hurt, people were killed, etc. showing up there in muslim garb as the reporters called it, that doesn't do muslims any favors. >> this is not painting a good picture for that group of people. he's obviously speaking out. he obviously committed allegedly committed. >> cenk: he obviously allegedly committed-- >> he obviously allegedly committed these horrible crimes for something. you just read the quote on the side of the boat. he was feeling passionately about defending something that had to do with his religion, and i think deeper it had to do with his country and culture. speaking to that, if you were if you remember the
in the right to bear arms. he load add shotgun in defiance in the d.c. law. residents are permitted to keep guns in their homes or businesses. guns cannot be carried in public. we have a reporter on the scene. we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get more information. >> now to another big story we're following tonight. a lot of questions surrounding the death of a little boy found in d.c. >> he was found in a locked car but that car and area had been searched by police, his family and members of the community. >> earlier tonight they released new details but they can't figure out if he was in the car the entire time they searched. >> are they close to figuring out the mystery? >> today's autopsy is helping but it will take further test together tell police how he died. he had no signs of trauma to his buddy but he had been dead sometime before he was found late monday afternoon. >> it was -- assistant police chief who would tell reporters the autopsy on little michael kingsbury had not determined how the 7-year-old with autism died. most people following the case had one major concern.
under their belts. >> in maryland, we have very, very tough laws per thank to teens and driving -- pertaining to teens and driving. they are forbidden for having someone in the car with them like 12 months. it used to be six and they made it longer. that's if they pay attention to the law. >> i will tell you what is tougher, teaching them to be aggressive. you can't meander. you have to make definite driving moves. >> that comes with experience because that comes with confidence and experience. association like you said, a lot of times we are so nervous that they are distracted not looking at their surroundings. did i turn the clinker on. all these little things that come from experience. that's what they are all about and going on this web site and learning what kind of experience that you need to help your kids have. >> hey, listen, thanks for being with us. i guess we will see you talking about entertainment. >> there you go. you will indeed, tonight on entertainment tonight. good to talk to you. >> see you then, 7:30 right here on 13. taking a break and coming back with more
a plan by the council to pass a minimum wage law of $12.50 an hour, that's $4 more than the minimum wage in the city. would apply only to walmart and other big box stores. walmart says it has a responsibility to its customers and shareholders not to go along with this. it says it cannot put up with this type of legislation and build the stores is in the. we've been checking with council members today. it's uncertain whether this bill will pass tomorrow. right now it has enough votes. walmart is saying they will not build the stores in skyline, capital gateway and southeast washington or on new york avenue. three of the stores are under construction, three are just planned but this is a major move by walmart to kill legislation that's been in the works for the last two years. pat and jim. >> tom sherwood with the developing story for us. tom, thank you. lots of weather out there right now could slow you down tonight. >> veronica johnson joins us with details from the storm center. >> not a tremendous amount of rain. i've been keeping an eye on the satellite here in storm center 4 here bec
conference just a few minutes ago on the president's health care law. here to talk more about that nbc deputy political he had kerr domenico montanaro. lets hear what he said, we've got a sound piece. listen to this and i'll get your reaction. >> by just delaying the employer mandate frankly isn't good enough. today we sent a letter to the president asking him to justify a delay in the employer mandate while leaving in place the mandate on individuals and families, because if businesses can get relief from obama care, the rest of america ought to be able to get relief as well. >> so it sounds like the speaker is saying what he's always said about obama care, as he calls it, saying it all needs to go. >> this the needle republicans like to be able to push to president obama and this administration, because this is the key thing they have been trying to fight since it was passed. so the employer mandate, which has been pushed off for small businesses, really because of all the forms and difficulty. it's 10 pages of instructions for small businesses to try to figure out how to even fill out the
passed reform bill would increase real gdp relative to current law projections na are at 3.3% and 2023 and 5.4% in 2033. if you say to a liberal, all you got to do is say that george w. bush library and they start laughing. why? they do. you do. watch this. george w. bush library -- what is it about your -- i can see it. it is underneath -- >> only because -- >> why? >> your funny delivery. >> why do you all snicker when you say george w. bush library in. >> because there is a view, which i don't need to espouse on this program. >> another headline, out of d.c., congressional republicans are pressing president obama to delay requirements under his health care law that forces americans to obtain insurance. the individual mandate is what -- and it figures it is like when market participants, if someone shows a little weakness somewhere, they force it, right? they push it. they push it. and paulson used to say, i need a big bazooka. showing the slightest bit of weakness, they'll push me. this is what is happening already. the administration gave employers a one-year reprieve from having t
provisional approval to tough new abortion laws in the state. tuesday night, the house voted 98-49 for the legislation. demonstrators on both sides of the issue descended on the state capitol building and erupted in screams and cheers immediately following last night's vote. a final formal vote is scheduled for today. the bill would then go to the state senate. >>> former president george w. bush is front and center today, weighing in on immigration reform. it is the latest in a string of public appearances. nbc's kelly o'donnell joins us now from dallas. good morning, kelly. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. and the former president has tried to steer clear of any hot political issues for years. but today a noticeable change. this morning he said he believes the current immigration debate should have a benevolent spirit, thinks a solution is possible, and the first public event he held at his new library was a naturalization ceremony for new citizens. george w. bush is on a roll of high-profile events. appearing with president obama in africa. hands-on service projects with m
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, unless you have diplomatic immunity, you are subject to the laws of the united states. i actually disagree. i think they should have asked and, frankly, demanded that they be drug and alcohol tested. first of all, all u.s. pilots are subject to that. and i think that because this airline co-chairs with u.s. carriers, both united and u.s. air, i think they could be subject to it because we're putting lots of american citizens on those airlines even though they buy tickets not on asiana but other carries, but i think they should have pushed the issue because this was so unexplained. i mean, why would you let your air speed and altitude deteriorate so rapidly when you do have other instruments in the cockpit to give you warnings even if you're not on autopilot. >> especially when this happens on such a clear day with so many miles of visibility that you have for really perfect conditions for a land be like this. mary, great to speak to you again. thanks so much. >>> coming up next hour, that "new day" exclusive we're telling awe about, we'll talk to three siblings and their father wh
. prosecutor john guy climbing atop a full mannequin, while cross-examining law enforcement trainer. >> were you aware that the defendant described to his best friend, that when the defendant slid down, that trayvon martin was up around his armpits. >> reporter: jurors, and even defense attorneys, craning their necks. some even standing up to see the demonstration. >> where would the gun be now? >> now, the gun would be behind your left leg. >> reporter: defense attorney mark o'mara even asked to borrow the dummy on redirect. >> were the injuries consistent with somebody doing this? >> i don't think so. >> how about this? how about somebody resisting the attempt? >> reporter: now, by tomorrow night, george zimmerman could know whether he faces life in prison or freedom. we're told he's preparing for both, spending a lot of time with his family. now, even if he's convicted on a lesser charge, like aggravated assault, we're told that he will be escorted directly from that courthouse to the jail. amy? >> matt gutman, thanks so much. >>> let's bring in abc's chief legal affairs anchor, dan abram
's undemocrattic form of governance and do not believe this was a coup. >> according to the law, if there was a military coup, the u.s. has to cut off aid. >>> country singer randy travis is in critical condition tonight at a texas hospital suffering from viral cardiomyopathy, a heart condition caused by a virus which can lead to heart failure. treatment range from medications to implanted devices, even a heart transplant. travis made headlines last year when he was found naked after crashing his pontiac trans am. he pled guilty to driving while intoxicated. >>> john kerry's wife teresa is getting better. she was rushed to a nantucket hospital sunday and then flown to massachusetts general in boston. someone close to the family said her symptoms were consistent with a seizure. the secretary of state was with his wife today as she underwent more tests. >>> a huge setback tonight for a 10-year-old pennsylvania girl whose parents fought so hard so she could get an adult lung transplant. turns out she's developed pneumonia in one of those new lungs. her mom said sunday was stuff, bu
berry. >> i want to thank everyone who helped me and my family. >> recorded july 2 at a law office in cleveland, the three decided to speak publicly for the first time since their rescue three months ago. >> i'm getting stronger each day and my privacy has helped immensely. >> they made the video to say thanks to those who prayed for them for the decade of captivity. >> thank you for support. >> i may have been to hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. and with my head held high. >> they're accused captor, our ariel castro, remains locked up, ,harged with kidnapping, rape and murder. his trial is scheduled to begin august 5, but his defense team has entered a plea deal because prosecutors may seek the death penalty. >> i do not want to be consumed by hatred. that being said, we need to take a leap of faith and know that god is in control. a psychiatrist and today contributor describe the timing of the video as very smart and said it the curious at eight. >> we gravitate to this disturbing story and they have made it less disturbing. no t
this is the beginning. gun rights activist adam kokesh appearing to break d.c.'s strict gun law by loading a gunshot. this morning a swarm of police cars in front of the house where he could be. he canceled a march with lots of people carrying guns into d.c. but instead did n. young says he's not worried. >> when you take one person out, you have two, three more step up. >> reporter: carrying a gun outside in d.c. is considered a felony that will bring five in prison or a fine up to $5,000. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> as of last night, there's been no arrest made and we'll update you on this as we get more information. >>> the defense is expected to wrap up their case today in the george zimmerman trial. they are hoping the judge will allow a third recreation of that shooting to be shown to jurors. also yesterday, dr. vincent di paio testified for the defense and said forensic evidence is consistent with zimmerman's stories. gunpowder burns show trayvon martin was leaning over zimmerman when he shot and killed the teenager. >> the clothing was two to four inches away. it's consistent
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